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Re: Contributing to DebianMed

> My eventual specialty of interest is diagnostic neuroradiology, but I
> understand that most likely this may not be much represented by
> DebianMed.

Oh, it is. In fact, you could do a *great* project that would benefit
DebianMed, GNUmed, and diagnostic neuroradiology at the same time !

If you pick up Aeskulap and turn it into a better DICOM viewer than it
is now that would be wonderful !

The most pressing need would be to make it easily understand and read
DICOM CD-ROMs passed on to patients. That would mean making it smart
enough for this behaviour:

- start as "aeskulap --device=/dev/cdrom-whatever"
- aeskulap opens the device
- searches for DICOMDIR
- interprets DICOMDIR
- loads studies into its user interface
- improve the controls to adjust brightness, contrast, and gamma

For that to work it'll have to look around the CD-ROM a bit, be able
to ignore the casing of filenames, etc.

That would be really helpful.

- Aeskulap is a Debian(Med) package
- GNUmed uses Aeskulap
- Aeskulap is DICOM viewer to be used in diagnostic radiology
  including neuro-radiology

How is that ?-)

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