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Re: InVesalius packaging (Was: Open source 3D medical imaging software using wxPython)

Dear Andreas,

On 23 February 2010 18:17, Andreas (Debian) <tille@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi Tatiana,
> On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 01:57:24PM -0200, Tatiana Al-Chueyr wrote:
> >
> > I've uploaded it to [5]. Please, let me know if there are any problems.
> > ...
> > [5] http://svn.softwarepublico.gov.br/trac/invesalius/browser/releases/invesalius3/ubuntu32
> I fetched this and did some enhancements regarding packaging while I was
> travling by train today.  Because I realised that you are a member of the
> Debian Med team now I commited my packaging to
>   http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/debian-med/trunk/packages/invesalius/trunk/?rev=0&sc=0

That is great! Thanks! I've already checked it out, but I have some
remarks and doubts.

:: Remarks

1. InVesalius is licensed only by GNU GPL 2 (not above) - this is
really important because GPL2 is already translated to Portuguese, and
according to Brazilian law, the license has to be available in
Portuguese. Although FSF doesn't accept the Portuguese translation,
that is what is accepted by our legislation. Also, there was a legal
study regarding GPL 2 that proved it is constitutional... And there is
no study regarding GPL 3.

2. Although we are the authors, the copyright is of the research
centre where we work (Centro de Tecnologia da Informação Renato
Archer), because they sponsored the project.

:: Questions

i. What should we do (on the <control> file) regarding dependencies
that are not needed, but provide more features to InVesalius? Ins't
there a tag "Recommends:"? Currently we provide support to Analyze
files on the command line - but this feature depends on

ii. Is there something like "Authors" on the <copyright> file? Can we add it?

iii. Isn't python-multiprocessing included in python2-6?

iv. Some (Ubuntu) users reported a problem regarding InVesalius
dependency on python-wxgtk2.8. Apparently if one had a previous
version of python-wxgtk installed, InVesalius would try to use that
older version, and not 2.8 - even though 2.8 was also installed. This
was only solved uninstalling the previous wxgtk version. Do you have
any guess about this - so we don't need to unistall the previous

v. Will these files work under Ubuntu as well?

vi. How should we do when InVesalius needs a new dependency that is
not available at Debian repository? (e.g. Sigar) or a newer version
of a certain library (e.g. imagine VTK 5.6 has just been release and
we decide using it in InVesalius, but only VTK 5.4 is available in
debian repository...)

> Please check this out because the changes will make most probably also your
> Ubuntu packages better.  I would really welcome if you would commit your
> changes to this repository to cooperate in this packaging.
Ok, perfect, thanks!

> I did a lot of polishing which you will see if you compare with your
> original version.  Please ask if something is not clear to you or you
> do not understand the motivation for the change.

Thanks! I understood most of it. Just one doubt:
What happened to the original makefile? It is not necessary anymore?
How should we use the <10_wrapper_is_bash_script.patch>?

> The current problem / blocker is the lack of the prerequisite sigar[1].
> I have no idea about this software and I do not know whether I will find
> time to package this - probably not in the near future.  Any volunteer
> to step into this?  Tatjana, do you know whether sigar is a really needed
> component for InVesalius or is it just enhancing the functionality.

Can we (Thiago) pack SIGAR oficially? We only would need some advices
and enhacements... I guess this is something more general, not only
Debian Med.

SIGAR is a very interesting tool. It is multi-platform (GNU Linux,
Windows, MacOS,Solaris, among others - both 32-64b) and provides
several features for analyzing hardware, such as: memory, file-system,
swap, processor, etc. Despite this, it is available for Java, Perl,
Python, Ruby, Lua, PHP, among others.

SIGAR is really needed in InVesalius. We use it to see the system
configuration and, depending on the memory available and if the OS is
32/64 bits, we change the resolution of the image volume, so the user
can open really large DICOM sequences in a computer that is not that

> Kind regards
Best regards and good skiing! :)


>     Andreas.
> [1] http://support.hyperic.com/display/SIGAR/Home
> --
> http://fam-tille.de

Tatiana Al-Chueyr
Sent from Campinas, SP, Brazil

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