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Re: Open source 3D medical imaging software using wxPython (repeated)

Hi Tatiana,

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 07:21:50PM -0200, Tatiana Al-Chueyr wrote:
> Ok, copying to Debian Med Project List. I've subscribed to it -- the
> project is very interesting. Well done for the excellent work!

> That is really fantastic! I had no idea there were so many medical
> imaging softwares this far...!

The idea behind the project is not only to collect such information but
rather give users a chance to install it easily as Debian package.
> We are very excited with Debian Med support on the package. Thank you very much.
> Could I provide more details to be added to InVesalius description on
> [5]? Should this be done here, on the mailing list...?

If you would like to improve the description it is the simplest way to
post it here.  BTW, this helps creating a package for Debian because we
could use this in the package description.
> In order to download the plain source, it is necessary to be
> registered to the Brazilian Public Software Portal, where InVesalius
> is hosted. This is a rule of the Portal, which is mantained by the
> Brazilian Ministry of Planning and Gadget. We are still discussing
> this registration matter.
> Everyone is welcome to register to the Portal (to be able to have full
> access) following the steps described on:
> http://svn.softwarepublico.gov.br/trac/invesalius/wiki/InVesalius/Register
> If you want, I can provide you a username and password, then you'll be
> able to checkout InVesalius svn.  Would this help? How should I
> provide this...? Privately, using gpg, or publicly?

Publicly is probably not a good idea because you would undermine a
policy of the portal and encryption is probably not necessary.  But the
problem with registration is the following:  If we publish a Debian
package it is accompanied by the source.  So if there is any strong 
reason for this registration issue and we are just working against this
reason you might run into trouble.
> Otherwise, I could give you a tgz including the source for each
> release (tag). How should I send this to you...?

In principle this solution is equivalent to the problem above.  In the
past we had some similar situation with BioImageSuite[2].  The Debian
Med work is done in a team.  My *personal* time is limited and I'm not
really the medical imaging specialist - other pepole in the team have
much better knowledge about imaging.  So enabling these people access to
the sources seems to be necessary to guarantee success of the packaging

Another thing is that there are Debian tools (uscan) which automatically
check for new versions of software.  This will not work if the source
tarball is not publicly available.  
> > nor  the Ubuntu source package (*.dsc).
> Where should we upload them?

That's your choice.  Any publicly available place.
> > I'm also unclear about the license
> > of InVesalius.  It is not explicitely specified on your web page (at
> > least I have not found it) and you ask for registration if somebody
> > wants more information.
> GNU GPL 2 - just made this explicit on the web page [1].

Ahh, thanks.  That's very important.  So if it is simply GPL is there
any reason not to use a repositiry like SourceForge or Savannah also for
the source tarball?
> Registration, as explained above, is due to the Portal rules...
> InVesalius is mainly developed by a research center of Brazilian
> Ministry and Science Technology, called Renato Archer Technology of
> Information Center. For several years it was only freeware... not open
> source. Only with the support of the Brazilian Public Portal we
> managed to release InVesalius under GNU GPL..!

That's really great and you should make sure that you will not irritate
people who helped your project.  So please make sure that they will
agree to the fact that the source will be available without registration
when it will be packaged for Debian.
> Thanks, Andreas.
> We are extremelly happy for your support, and our team is very
> interested on cooperating with Debian Med. Please, let us know how.

I think the procedure is like this:

  - verify that there is no problem with publishing the source
  - publish the source in case it will be accepted
  - publish the packaging stuff for the Ubuntu packages (*.dsc, *.diff.gz)
  - please read the Debian New Maintainers Guide[3].  It is perfectly OK
    if you are working on the packaging and one of the Debian Med
    maintainer will sponsor your package - that's in fact that you will
    become a Debian Med team member and an official Debian maintainer
    is checking your work
> Well, I've just come to know the project, so I'm not really sure about
> how could we cooperate more. I've added a link to Debian Med on our
> Trac main page [1].

I hope my hints are sufficient for the moment.

> I'll read more about it and post suggestions here
> in the mailing list, ok?

Yes - just do not hesitate to post any suggestion or question here.

Kind regards


[2] http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/imaging#bioimagesuite
[3] http://www.debian.org/devel/join/newmaint.de.html


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