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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Fwd: Re: French drug database in GNUmed


as the main developer of GNUmed let me say that I would be
delighted to linking to FreeDIAMS.

I think you are fine with SQLite regarding FreeDIAMS. Don't
currently bother with PostgreSQL.

Does FreeDIAMS include download/install scripts for drug
data ?

May I suggest you include ATC codes within the XML exchange
files ? The benefit of using ATC codes is that

a) you can access the WHO formulary with Defined Daily Doses
b) you can cross-reference INNs across countries/data sources
c) you can link to Wikipedia
d) you can do web searches

I would think you might be interested in including the
Canadian drug data available from here:


If you think you can do that GNUmed would refrain from also
doing so and rather link to your software.

Maybe something about the Canadian data (and their
interactions information) can be learned from OSCAR:


I believe if FreeDIAMS becomes the best of breed drug
reference and prescriptor you would be doing a great service
to the medical and Open Source community.

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