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Re: pdb2pqr maintained by DebiChem team but in Debian Med repository?


Michael Banck wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 11:01:44PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
>> when touching some packages to add Enhances fields I realised
>> that pdb2pqr is (formally?) maintained by DebiChem team but is
>> sitting in Debian Med repository.  I admit I do not mind which
>> actual team is mentioned in the maintainers field but I think
>> it makes sense to put the packaging in the according repository.
>> Perhaps this fact is the reason that nobody uploaded the new
>> version?
> It's not like previous versions got uploaded.
>> Could anybody please comment on this issue?
> There are still copyright/license issues to resolve according to Manuel,

I agree that the situation is somewhat strange, but I admit to like it. Manuel
(a DD by now) IMHO correctly indicated that the other tools that pdb2pqr
interacts with are all in DebiChem and that as such it would make sense for
pdb2pqr to be showing up there, too. Other candidates to move to DebiChem for
that reason are BALL, the MGLTools and the autodocksuite. We probably all agree
that it is up to the respective maintainer to decide where to officially anchor
some Debian maintenance. I personally would appreciate a dual team maintenance.
As long as the debian/control file indicates where to find the repository,
which could be any, we should not care. Actually, IIRC, I even explicitly asked
Manuel not to move his sources to strengthen our ties. If not, then I should
have done.

I don't know about what the exact status of the copyright issue is. But I know
Manuel to be at it.



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