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Re: problem with debian-med list

Hi Andreas,

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 09:47:33AM +0200, Eric MAEKER wrote:
Hi Andreas,

Thank you for that response.

- http://www.freemedforms.com/
This would be very interesting.
Yes i think lots of people can be interested with these projects.
I've built a ubuntu 9.04 deb from source. It should work on debian 5.02
and works perfectly with sid.

This does sound really interesting.  Are you willing to maintain
the packaging code in the Debian Med SVN.  This would be the
straightforeward way to do packaging - even if not mandatory.
You might like to read our group policy at


If you like this it would be a good idea to creat an account on

Well i'm looking for any help i can find. So why not.
Does the packaging automated on your server ? Or do i need to update files and compile ?

If i understand I put /debian/files to svn + dsc (may be orig.tar.gz) of stable sources and then ? ask anyone to build the package ?

How do I distribute the builded package ? Do you provide a package deposite ? Does the builded package suitable for the latest stable debian release ?

Excuse me for all these questions but i'm a bit lost for now.
And thanks for all your answers and precious help.


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