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User action required: Please provide screenshots


the screenshot display feature is now activated on our dedicated
server (I would like to have some beta-testing of these pages before
pushing it to our official pages on alioth) and I noticed that we
really need some action to make this feature as impressive as it
is potentially.  So if you are a user of Debian Med and wonder how
you can help out the project somehow without having programming
skills - this is your chance:

Go to


choose a field of work you are interested in and look at the
programs there.  Take a screenshot where it is missing (at first
view only some programs in imaging do feature screenshots) and
follow the link "upload screenshot" which directs you to the
screenshots.debian.net server where you can upload your image.

The screenshot should be visible about 1 day later at out page.

Please help screenshoting your applications to have some nice
pages once I will announce this feature more publicly.

Thanks for your interest in Debian Med



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