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Re: New task: psychology; new tasks pages (Was: Bug#532111: ITP: psychopy -- module for creating psychology stimuli in Python)

Dear Andreas,

> Yaroslav, I have no idea who actually belongs to the Experimental
> Psychology Maintainers <pkg-exppsy-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>
> group but I would warmly welcome you all on the Debian Med list.

;)  Thank you ;) We have been here passive or active for quite a while

It is just since I've stepped off muttng with its nice notifications in
a sidebar about new messages in the mailing lists, I've lost a habit of
staying up-to-date with most of the lists. heh

> In case you are only a view people you might consider joining
> the Debian Med packaging team which might be a stronger backbone
> in case your packages might need some work once you are on
> vacation or whatever.

Although recently we had an adjoint vacation with Michael for a  week,
most often we watch each other's back while the other one is away ;)
But thanks for the invitation -- it might come handy.

> I'm also interested in feedback for the metapackage description
> I quickly invented for a future med-psychology package (which
> is displayed as text for the Psycholgy task). Any hint is welcome.

I would second Michaels opinion that psychology is more related to
the science, whenever Psychiatry probably to the debian-med;  and pyepl
and psychopy has little to do with psychiatry (although who knows).
Nevertheless, those 2 packages, might be used in
various fields of medicine, from therapy to stimuli delivery for
pre-surgical planning, and once again having nothing to do with
Psychology per se.

To summarize, I would recommend to rename the section into something
more along those lines: may be "Stimuli Delivery" ?
seems to be broad enough with a nice specificity ;)

> Kind regards and thanks for working on psychology related packages
> in Debian
yeay! thank you all guys back! What unfortunate project Debian would be
if there were no Debian Med, Exppsy, Science, etc? ;)

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