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ODIN! (was: ODIN, anyone?)


On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 10:11:56PM +0100, Michael Hanke wrote:
> > > I am going to meet VIA upstream next week, and would like to make a list of
> > > things to discuss -- maybe adding points that popped up during ODIN
> > > packaging...
> > > 
> > > If ODIN packaging is stalled, and David is busy I might have time to
> > > take over.
> > 
> > Please, do so.
> Ok, will spend tomorrow on it.

I have put ODIN on the task pages:


from there you'll find the packaging repos on Alioth.

I'd be glad if someone could have a look at it, e.g. to improve/check
copyright stuff, ...

For those you prefer a DSC, it is here (most recent as of this morning):


The packaging is not yet done, therefore there is no need of sponsoring
or the like. I am in the process of streamlining a few bits with
upstream, but that shouldn't take long. Remaining issue are:

  - the docs cannot be built right now
  - manpages missing (upstream will provide a way to auto-generate
  - extended descriptions empty
  - I cannot tell dh_shlibdeps to consider symbols in private shared
    libs, although I have added '-l <path to libs>'...

Otherwise it builds find on lenny and squeeze. Sid is somewhat
problematic as VTK is broken, and therefore ODIN builds with limited
visualization capabilities.

For one thing I want to ask for your approval. I've put the -med
packaging team as primary maintainer and me as uploader. However, I do not
plan to inject a debian-diff-only version into the -med SVN.

If that is not acceptable I can

  1) remove -med package as maintainer, or
  2) someone else takes over and injects that stuff into the -med SVN
     and take care if it from there. Or
  3) Someone could point me to another place to push the Git repos that
     might be superior to the repos in the pkg-exppsy project on Alioth
     (where it is now).

Either option is totally fine with me.



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