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Re: VCS information in task files

On Thu, 5 Mar 2009, Michael Hanke wrote:

In that case there is nothing I have to _add_ to the taskfile ATM. The
only package whos status might be modified is 'caret', but since it
almost reached the top of the NEW queue I'd prefer to change its status
to an official package. ;-)

Right.  We can ignore extra information for packages in NEW.  I'm currently
busy to parse NEW and add the information to UDD (Ultimate Debian Database).
Once this is done I'll render the tasks pages from UDD and packages in
NEW get a _new_ status with all the information which can be obtained from
there - so there is no need for duplication in the tasks files.

But I probably can remove AFNI -- since I gave up (due to licensing
issues that do not get resolved upstream). There is no VCS and no debian
diff to rescue.

I'd prefer mentioning the actual licensing issues in the long description
to keep track of your knowledge.  Somebody might grab this up later (even
if you doubt this) and should not be forced to start from scratch.

We talked about mni-* previously and the task pages correctly mention
where the stuff is and it is waiting there till eternity.

Well, if this unmaintained package is all help we can provide to potential
users than it is as it is.  Perhaps also adding a remark about this
(links to your postings) would be helpful.

Sorry for the noise,

Well, I actually started the noise after you mentioned your via effort.
Please keep me informed about any change of the status of this package
to reflect it in the tasks files.

Kind regards



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