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Re: Live Media

On Fri, 13 Feb 2009 13:15:19 +0100, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:

> Hi all,

Hello Sebastian,

> [..]
> backend
> openSUSE : kiwi 
> Debian: Live-helper
> both are script based available for the command line. live-helper has been a 
> moving target for me. I have not tried kiwi in a while. This reflects my 
> personal very biased view and I am looking for comments. A year back both 
> solutions were barely usable (for me).
> frontend:
> openSUSE: private beta openSUSE studio (unclear when they will open it)
> Debian: I am not aware of any

# apt-get install live-magic


(though I never used live-magic nor live-helper -- I had them installed to do
some tests :) )

> [..]
> Here are some things I would like to see covered from the GNUmed perspective.
> [..]
> 2.) point and click switching between USB, CD, network media

This is available in live-magic (again, I never tried it, so I don't know
whether it really works or not, but after choosing the livecd-type you are
creating, there's a screen with "ISO image for CD/DVD", "Image for USB or Hard
Disk", "Image for network boot"... so this is really what you're asking here)


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