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Re: ITP: ssake -- assembling millions of very short DNA sequences (fwd)

On Mon, 24 Nov 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

thanks a lot for the package. It comes right in time with the explosion of
short-read sequencing in biology. I would suggest to ship the extra scripts in
a directory like /usr/share/ssake or /usr/doc/ssake/scripts, with the exception
of TQS, that looks like being of general interest and could go in /usr/bin.

OK, so I would copy TQS.py to /usr/bin/tqs and write a manpage tqs.1.
The scripts makeFastaFileFromScaffolds.pl and nLength.pl might go to
/usr/share/ssake.  But I do not think that we need the old versions of
ssake which are shipped in the tarball.  Or did I missed something?

Kind regards



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