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Status of science packages in Debian Unstable vs. Ubuntu


To get an overview over science packages and their versions take a look
at Ubuntu's qa page here:

The situation seems to be pretty good for both distros. Here is a bit of
the list showing packages in Ubuntu but not in Debian:

> Package	Sid	Jaunty 	
> btk-core 	NOTFOUND 	0.8.1-0ubuntu1 
> cafix 	NOTFOUND 	0.2.0-0ubuntu3 
> mascyma 	NOTFOUND 	0.59-1ubuntu3 	
> theseus 	NOTFOUND 	1.1.5-0ubuntu3
> vbs 		NOTFOUND 	1.4.0-12

Two of these five, mascyma and vbs, appear to come from Debian (their
release strings do not have the form -0ubuntu*) but might have been
removed from Debian's archive?

The remaining 3, btk-core, theseus & cafix are not currently in Sid.
I have just uploaded theseus to the debian-med archive, and with any
luck, it should be sponsored quite soon.

I uploaded btk-core to Debian-med quite a while ago, but have not been
able to get a reply from upstream, so I am not sure if they have
abandoned the project. I don't think there is much point in supporting a
package without an active upstream. I am tracking the btk sourceforge
project for activity...

Cafix is an application to communicate with CASIO graphic calculators,
someone may have an interest in this so it could be injected in Debian.

>From the Ubuntu side, there are a somewhat more science applications
missing or outdated at this point, but with the Jaunty Jackalope
development cycle starting, the Ubuntu developers will by sync'ing and
merging packages from Sid during the next month.


Morten Kjeldgaard, asc. professor, MSc, PhD
BiRC - Bioinformatics Research Center, Aarhus University
C. F. Møllers Alle, Building 1110, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.
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