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Debian-Med and Sharing of Data/Compute Resources?


is there a demand or some interest of individuals or research
groups on this list to have their compute resources (partially)
shared? I am asking since I am contributing to an EU project
on Grid Computing that has Debian packages at least close
to being usable (see www.knowarc.eu). For an instant picture of
what a grid is, have a quick look at the Grid Monitor at
http://www.NorduGrid.org/monitor . It shows a couple of sites
across Northern Europe and the number of CPUs that these offer
to the community. This is mostly High Energy Physics, but
Astronomy and Bioinformatics is on the rise.

Some work, also of mine, admittedly, is still needed on the
Debianisation front before we can announce the packages at large.
There are a few users of Debian on the project
already, but none of them are close to bioinformatics
by heart. So, I am counting on you here.

What I would like to prepare with those of you who share my
interest is an agreement

 * on databases that are installed, indexed,
 * Debian packages of ours that are installed and ...
 * don't know yet, this depends on your feedback

With some homogeneous setup, in which Debian is barely beatable,
we can then run our compute tasks on more machines than we have
already available locally and possibly save some work on local
maintenance of resources that are used only at rare occasions.
Please drop me and/or the list an email if you are interested
and I'll talk you through to get your site/machine up.

Best regards,


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