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[VAC] 29.7 - 6.8. Tourism in Argentina

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tomorrow I'll leave home to start my travel to DebConf.  When sitting
in train and plain and while doing some tourism in Argentina I'll be
probably offline most / all the time.

My own packages have bugs with maximum minor severity and I have no
reason to assume that anything dramatic will happen.  Feel free to NMU
if my assumption might be proven wrong.

Looking at the Debian Med CDD team which has a certain set of packages in
its focus (not necessarily team maintained packages, but those packages
that are drawn in by Debian Med metapackages) we assembled


to watch all interesting bugs for the team.

Here the only remaining open RC bug is #462189 (a wxwindows2.4 to
wxwindows2.8 transition issue) were we have at least a nice summary
about the status of the bug in the BTS but no solution and I really
hope for team external help.  So if you are a wxwindows expert any
help would be really appreciated.  If you are working on this please
try to coordinate with debian-med@lists.debian.org.

Not my own package but I was the last QA uploader for OpenMotif and
so I feel somehow responsible is #492121. I have no idea why this package
just shows this strange error on MIPS - so I do not really feel qualified
for solving this because I have no access ti MIPS.  It would be great
if somebody could care for this.

Similarly I QA uploaded lmemory wo help Debian Junior team.  I do not
regard this package as really important but would like to drop a note
here as the last uploader that I also have no idea what might went wrong
on the machine of the reporter of #490333.  Even if I'm using the same
architecture I can not reproduce the problem and do not have the slightest
idea what might have happened here.

Other packages on my QA pages do not show any RC bug or anything else that
needs to be fixed for Lenny.

See you in Mar del Plata


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