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Re: [EMBOSS] EMBOSS 6.0.0 released

On Thu, 17 Jul 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

because the freeze is so near, and because EMBOSS often releases patches
that would be difficult to push in Stable, I decided to upload the
latest version (actually 6.0.1) to experimental.

Well, to prevent a package to enter testing you can upload also
to unstable and file an RC bug "Not for Lenny".  The drawback if you upload
to experimental is that it is hidden there for most users because it is
not usual to have experimental in the sources.list.  Or was your argument
about "often releases patches" that you want to be free to propagate
fixes for EMBOSS 5.x to testing and you are afraid that this might
cause trouble because of the additional package?

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