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On Wed, 9 Jul 2008, ARCHIRAD S.L. wrote:

The patch I sent to you solves the mysql issue of imposibility of ctn working with mysql-server version >= 4.2 and I don't think it could interfere with other patching.

I think the problem was that I probably made some mistake in applying the
patch.  It wouold be great if somebody could have a look at current SVN
and sort out the things there.  CTN in our SVN as it is currently is a mess
compared to all other packaging we did for Debian Med because it merges
upstream an patches and I was not able to sort out the sequence of the
patch you applied (either against upstream source or patched Debian source.

Because I have no time at all to care for this problem I urge every
imaging interested person to have a look into this - we will loose
ctn soon if we are not able to act and upload a fixed package.
So please verify the patch in SVN - perhaps take it over to Git (I know Michael
prefers this) - whatever might help, just do it *now*.

Please help


PS: Pablo, I would really prefer if you would communicate via the list
    because you always put me in danger to avoid netiquette.  Debian Med
    is much more than me and I'm not at all the educated imaging guy ...

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