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Re: CTN status

On Mon, 7 Jul 2008, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:

What is the current status of CTN? I see that Andreas has done some work in
the repository, can it be uploaded?

When I left it for some other burning issues it was not fully working.
I think I was about to add the patch from Pablo Sau <psau@cadpet.es>.
If I remember right the issue was that Pablo did the patch against a
patched version and I tried to sort out things cleanly.
I forgot what exactly was the issue - just building the package will
reveal the issues easily.  Perhaps talking to Pablo again might help
because he seemed to be close to the solution.

I'm inclined to file a release critical bug against ctn soon since I think it
shouldn't be in lenny in this form. Of course this bug can be closed by an
upload improving CTN. If there are any plans to upload soon I'd gladly hear
it and I'll refrain from filing such bug.

Any help is really apreciated because I'm completely overloaded with
DebConf preparation stuff.

Kind regards



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