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Petition for Accelrys GCG/SeqLab Release

Dear all,

Here I reproduce a message posted on bionet.software by Steven M. Thompson.

Have a nice day,

-- Charles

Hi all -

I apologize for my multiple cross-group postings but I feel the importance and
urgency of this message warrant it.

As many of you are aware, last summer Accelrys announced that they would be
discontinuing support for GCG and SeqLab this upcoming June.  That situation
dismayed me and others and I wanted to do something about it. I contacted
Steven Smith, one of the original authors of SeqLab, and discussed the
situation with him.  He volunteered to contact Accelrys in an attempt to
minimally get SeqLab's license and code released to him.  I gave Steve several
months to try to persuade the company.  Accelrys was not very cooperative.
Therefore, I set about creating a petition in an attempt to add some leverage.
I've contacted a few of you earlier regarding this initiative and appreciate
your support.  Anyway, I have created and posted that petition.  It's at:


And a nicely formatted PDF version is available in my own Web space:


I would very much appreciate you adding your name to this petition, if you
agree with our sentiment.  Thank you for your time!

                             Cheers - Steve
                                                Steven M. Thompson
                                A C T G         stevet@bio.fsu.edu
                                  \-/   http://bio.fsu.edu/~stevet/cv.html
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                                |--/    Florida State University School of
                                \-/            Computational Science
                                /--\            1st floor DIRAC 150G
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                                 \---\          32306-4120
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                                  /--\          Valdosta, Georgia
                                 /---|          31601-7953
                                 |--/           229-249-9751

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