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New Doc-Base section structure.

Dear all,

Since its version 0.8.10, Doc-Base has removed the "Applications" prefix
in its section names. Basically, it means for us that most of the
documents that we declare through doc-base are now in "Science/Biology",
the others being likely to belong to "Science/Medicine" or

I have reviewed all our entries and corrected the ones that needed,
using the following command (from the debian-med/trunk/packages

 for i in $(find . -wholename '*/trunk/*doc-base*' | grep -v \.svn ) ; \
 do vi $i ; (cd $(dirname $i)/.. ; dch --release-heuristic changelog) ; \

I then commited my changes with:

 for i in $(find . -wholename '*/trunk/*doc-base*' | grep -v \.svn ) ; \
 do echo $i ; echo $(dirname $i)/changelog ; done | sort -u | xargs svn \
 commit -m "Update to the latest doc-base policy."


I think that in most of the cases, "dch --release-heuristic changelog"
made a good guess. I may have added an entry by mistake in packages that
have never been released yet. In that case, it can be safely removed.

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Wakō, Saitama, Japan

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