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Bioimagesuite and blox just are on the tasks page

  If you think there is some software missing in this list, feel free to add it.
  ||<tablewidth="100%"rowbgcolor="#ffcc99">''Name'' ||''Description'' ||''Licence'' ||
- ||[http://www.bioimagesuite.org BioImage Suite] ||BioImage Suite is an integrated image analysis software suite developed at Yale University. It has extensive capabilities for both neuro/cardiac and abdominal image analysis and state of the art visualization. Many packages are available that are highly extensible, and provide functionality for image visualization and registration, surface editing, cardiac 4D multi-slice editing, diffusion tensor image processing, mouse segmentation and registration, and much more. It can be integrated with other biomedical image processing software, such as FSL and SPM. ||GPLv2 ||
- ||[http://pni.med.jhu.edu/blox/ blox] ||The purpose of the project is to develop a quantitative medical imaging and visualization program for use on brain MR, DTI and MRS data. It is a joint project of the Kennedy Krieger Institute and the Johns Hopkins University, Psychiatric Neuroimaging Lab. ||GPL ||
  ||[http://brainvisa.info/ brainvisa] ||BrainVISA is a software, which embodies an image processing factory. A simple control panel allows the user to trigger some sequences of treatments on series of images. These treatments are performed by calls to command lines provided by different laboratories. These command lines, hence, are the building blocks on which are built the assembly lines of the factory. BrainVISA is distributed with a toolbox of building blocks dedicated to the segmentation of T1-weighted MR images. The product of the main assembly line made up from this toolbox is the following: grey/white classification for Voxel Based Morphometry, Meshes of each hemisphere surface for visualization purpose, Spherical meshes of each hemisphere white matter surface, a graph of the cortical folds, a labeling of the cortical folds according to a nomenclature of the main sulci. ||Free? (CeCill License) ||
  ||[http://www.xs4all.nl/~ingenium/dicom.html ConQuest DICOM server] ||A full featured DICOM server that has been developed based on and heavily extending the public domain UCDMC DICOM code. ||Free ||
  ||[http://sourceforge.net/projects/dcm4che/ dcm4che] ||dcm4che is an implementation of DICOM in Java. The sample applications may be useful on their own. It also includes an IHE compliant Image Archive application, based on J2EE. ||LGPL ||

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