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[Debian Wiki] Update of "DebianMedImaging" by AndreasTille

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All inofficial package entries taken over

   * [http://people.debian.org/~igloo/popcon-graphs/index.php?packages=amide+ctn+ctsim+dcmtk+dicomnifti+fsl+fslview+imagej+libinsighttoolkit3.0+libniftiio0+libnifti1+paul+python-nifti+xmedcon&show_installed=on&want_legend=on&beenhere=1 Package popularity statistics]
   * [http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?packages=amide+ctn+ctsim+dcmtk+dicomnifti+fsl+fslview+imagej+insighttoolkit+nifticlib+paul+pynifti+vtk+xmedcon Technical summary] (bugs, version information, ...)
- == Inoffcial and prospective packages ==
- ||<tablewidth="100%"rowbgcolor="#ffff99">''Name'' ||''Description'' ||''Licence'' ||''ITP'' ||''Upstream website'' ||
- ||[http://www.rumba.rutgers.edu/soft/index.php rumba] ||RUMBA (Rutgers University Mind Brain Analysis) toolkit was developed for the analysis of MRI anatomical and functional datasets. The toolkit provides means to perform I/O, registration, motion correction, filtering, PCA, ICA, GLM, and visualization.  To take advantage of speedy C++ written I/O and processing routines, bindings to high level programming (python) or computational (R) environments are available. ||Artistic ||none ||[http://www.rumba.rutgers.edu/soft/index.php link] ||
  There might be [http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?tag=med-imaging;users=debian-med@lists.debian.org additional ITP bugs] tagged as ''med-imaging'' in the Debian bug tracking system (BTS).
  == Unpackaged software ==

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