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Re: Debian's use in the Human Genome Project mentioned in the The Guardian

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Tim Cutts wrote:

A couple of weeks ago The Guardian ran a story about computing and DNA sequencing where I work at the Sanger Institute, and it's nice to note that they actually mention that we use Debian:


Just forewarding this to the Debian-Med project list which might be
quite happy about this. :-)

BTW, is there any chance that you might support the Debian-Med project
by helping out in packaging those free software developed at Sanger.
We once had some discussion about this where some questions left open.
Just have a look at


and pick your favourite package that is used / developed at Sanger
and try to complete the list of the "green" list above. :-)

Kind regards and thanks for sharing the success story with us



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