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Re: Next GNUstep problem BioCocoa.app (Was: RFS: adun.app (updated package))

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Yavor Doganov wrote:

It seems so, unfortunately.  Yikes.  Maybe if you ask they may provide
GNUstep tarballs too.  As it stands now, it would be a lot of work for

And it is even some work I have no idea about. :-(

This works for me:

svn co svn://bioinformatics.org/svnroot/BioCocoa

The .dmg they provide as "Download" is useless.

If you plan to generate a tarball yourself, you must write a
GNUmakefile (and maintain it yourself if upstream doesn't plan to
support GNUstep).  Of course this is a prerequisite to build the app.
That's the easy part, even if you have to go with several makefiles.

Also, probably you'll have to convert the .nib files to .gorm (with
gorm.app); maintaining them is a huge pain from Debian's point of view
since they're binary.

If upstream didn't resist the temptation to use classes that are not
available on GNUstep, you'll have to port the app by rewriting those
parts (sometimes this is not trivial at all).

Yes.  I guessed that all this stuff is not trivial because I do not
even understand the stuff you wrote above.  All these extensions are
completely unknown to me and I do not have the slightest idea how to

I don't see BioCocoa at wiki.gnustep.org under "Applications", which
is also a disturbing indication.

I have no idea how up to date this page is.  Sometimes such lists
might miss an entry because it is just forgotten, but the overall
image does not indicate such a case.

Probably all of this will be solved by upstream, if you ask.  Or not.

Well, I personally will spent my time with problems I see chances
to be able to add real value.  Guessing from my poor knowledge of the
issues above I see no chance to do so in this case.  So if somebody else
would like to bother upstream - just go for it.

   - After installing and running the package

I assume you mean the current package in the Debian archive?


Neither 1.7 nor 2.0 from upstream's repository are buildable.

Ahh, you mean also 1.7 is not buildable?  I had hoped we would
get a fix for 1.6 from upstreams 1.7 ...

Judging by the backtrace, it is the same bug in gnustep-base that you
encountered with adun.app; it got nailed by upstream recently but
still present in Debian.

Ahh, OK, so it was reasonable to ask first before filing a bug against
biococoa.app immediately.  Would you mind sending a qualified bug
report against the relevant package to keep a record of this problem.

Any hint how I should run this programm to get at least some

Like before, the crude workaround is:

1. killall -9 gdnc
2. rm -rf /tmp/GNUstepSecure*

A , it works on my other box perfectly and by chance I had rebooted
the box where the app was broken it runs now as well.

impression whether it is worth spending some time into it?

IMVHO if upstream doesn't support GNUstep, it's not worth it.
Although 2.0 seems to be a complete rewrite, so it might be something
interesting.  But not at the cost of doing all the porting work, I

OK.  So I would decide to provide a stable maintained version 1.6
inside Debian, see how hardly users want this and bother upstream
in case there is a real need for it.  What do you think?

Kind regards



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