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Next GNUstep problem BioCocoa.app (Was: RFS: adun.app (updated package))

Hi Yavor,

On Mon, 21 Jan 2008, Yavor Doganov wrote:

No, I don't even qualify as a user of such programs (which
automatically means I cannot be maintainer).  My intention was to
offer this for adoption to the science/med folks, but I had to put it
in shape first as I was ashame to do it in the condition adun.app

May be we now have another target: BioCocoa.app

Please go ahead, and if you have any kind of GNUstep-related problems
-- do not hesitate to contact the GNUstep team.

The situation is as follows:

  - QA maintained, but Debian Med Packagin team should take over
  - Upstream seems to have switched to Mac only.  Correct me if
    I'm missreading


  - Latest Upstream version is 1.7 which is slightly higher than Debian
    packaged version, but a password seems to be required for
    download.  I woual ask for a passwordm, but would like to see
    whether it makes sense spending time on this issue
  - After installing and running the package I get some icon in the
    bottom left corner of my screen showing some kind of notepad.
    After some seconds this icon vanishes and I get "Aborted" in
    the starting xterm

The latest issue is the most burning one.  Any hint how I should run
this programm to get at least some impression whether it is worth
spending some time into it?

Kind regards



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