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[Debian Wiki] Update of "DebianMedTodo" by AndreasTille

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   * Package one of the most wanted packages from each section
    * Biology: [http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/bio.php#mauve Mauve]
-   * Epidemiiology: [http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/epi.php#netepi-analysis NetEpi]
+   * Epidemiology: [http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/epi.php#netepi-analysis NetEpi]
+   * Imaging: http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/imaging.php#bioimagesuite BioImagesuite]
   * Watch the [http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/bugs.php list of bugs] and fix bugs or try to provide a patch.

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