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DM application (yes, once again)

Hi all,
I'm writing this to apply for Debian Maintainership. I agree with the Social
Contract, the Debian Free Software Guidelines and the Debian Machine Usage

This mail is CC'ed to the debian-med@l.d.o mailing list, and to my usual
sponsors, so that someone can advocate me :).

For a list of currently (co-)maintained packages, please have a look at my DDPO
page: <http://snipurl.com/qa_page>.

I already sent an application on Dec, 9: it was "stopped" for gpg-key-signing
issues. I think I've (at least, partially) solved these issues, since I got my
key signed by a guy, who has in turn his key signed by a DD:

$ gpg --list-sigs 1392b174
pub   1024D/1392B174 2006-02-01
uid                  David Paleino <d.paleino@gmail.com>
sig 3        1392B174 2008-01-02  David Paleino <d.paleino@gmail.com>
sig          2995E5E2 2008-01-08  Giuseppe Benigno
$ gpg --list-sigs 2995e5e2
$ gpg --list-sigs 2995e5e2
pub   1024D/2995E5E2 2007-06-25 [expires: 2009-06-24]
uid                  Giuseppe Benigno <giuseppe.benigno@egregorion.net>
sig          33FC40A4 2007-09-03  Andrea Mennucc <debdev@tonelli.sns.it>
sig          1392B174 2008-01-02  David Paleino <d.paleino@gmail.com>
$ gpg --list-key 33fc40a4
pub   1024D/33FC40A4 2000-03-14
uid                  Andrea Mennucc <debdev@tonelli.sns.it>
uid                  A Mennucc1 <mennucc1@debian.org>
uid                  Andrea Mennucc <debian@tonelli.sns.it>
uid                  Andrea Mennucc1 <debian@tonelli.sns.it>
sub   1024g/F64305AC 2000-03-14

(irrelevant parts have been stripped off; you can have a look at the full
output of the commands above at <http://rafb.net/p/D8mmQr97.html>)

Have a nice day,

 . ''`.  Debian maintainer | http://wiki.debian.org/DavidPaleino
 : :'  : Linuxer #334216 --|-- http://www.hanskalabs.net/
 `. `'`  GPG: 1392B174 ----|---- http://snipr.com/qa_page
   `-   2BAB C625 4E66 E7B8 450A C3E1 E6AA 9017 1392 B174

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