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Re: Proposal :)

On Tue, 2 Oct 2007, Steffen Moeller wrote:

What should we do with packages that are ambiguous in their assignment to
alioth projects?

I do only see one pragmatical solution here: The maintainer (in this case
you) decides according to his reasons for packaging which packaging team
he wants to assign as "Maintainer".  There is no reason that would prevent
naming other teams as "Uploaders" if I'm not completely missleaded.  The
team that actually "maintains" the package should hold the stuff in the
SVN tree.

I.e., I was forced into packaging biojava (now in the new
queue) for my pkg-escience and would love to see it with Debian-Med, but it
also fits pkg-java.

IMHO, there is no clean solution for this "conflict" - so just decide
that it is no confluct at all. ;-)

And there is pkg-emboss. It would be lovely if the
reference to the source location would be interpreted by the Debian package
display tools. Worth a bug report?

I personally would like to see pkg-emboss inside Debian-Med space
and drop pkg-emboss in favour of this.  But the final decision is in
the hands of the Emboss packagers.

I have a split opinion on this. Debian is about a community and the language
we are writing here is English. On the other hand, I came to accept that a
great fraction of our users tend to hesitate accepting English, as the page
appears not to address them personally. I think that the emphasis should be
less on translating pages but on
* addressing the needs of the local communities (can German doctors talk to
German health insurers by the software provided)
* explaining what information can be found where (with the actual information
being written in english)

Finally we have no means to decide whether a translation is really needed
or not and whether we have enough man power for doing a good translation
or not.  So it will always end in a hopefully reasonable compromise between
translated and not translated pages.  The Debian-Edu people did not even
created a page inside the www.debian.org hierarchy (which sucks IMHO) but
have decided to maintain completely unrelated web presentation for
different languages.  The Norwegian and the German are the most living
sites (IMHO).  I do not really like this concept (if it can be called a
concept at all).  The amount of information in the web reflects the
number of schools that are using Debian-Edu and thus the user request
criterion you mentioned above might be met.  But the question is whether
there would be more French schools using it if there would be up to
date information in French about the project.

Kind regards



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