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Re: Extremadura meeting

On Wed, 22 Aug 2007, Andreas Tille wrote:

this is a reminder to the possibility of sponsoring traveling and
accomodation for EU citizens to meet in Extremadura and to do some
serious Debian stuff.  There is a web page for a CDD and Science
related meeting at.


The table for the organisation of an Extremadura meeting has just
grown by one single entry.  It would be a shame if we would waste
the generous sponsering offer from the government of Extremadura
to sponsor travel, accomodation and food to bring us together to
get some work done.  BTW, while the sponsorship is ofr EU citizens
only the DPL mentioned that it might be possible to get some
funding for non-EU citizens if there are good reasons for it.

IMHO this would be a great opportunity to strengthen our team by
a dedicated face-to-face meeting and pushing foreward Debian-Med
and Debian-Science issues.

Kind regards



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