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Re: Problems with compiling and running clustalx


(Bad to see how I forget some emails) :-(

On 8/12/07, Charles Plessy <charles-debian-nospam@plessy.org> wrote:
> Ouch, that is a bad one... I just reproduced an a i386 computer running
> Lenny... I have sent a private mail to lesstif2's maintainer to ask for
> his opintion. By the way, I thought about increasing the bug's severity,
> but then it would also pretend that clustalx is unusable on Etch because
> the version numbers are the same, although it works well in this relase.

I think that correct thing is to report this problem against
clustalx,lesstif2 (both packages) or just lesstif2, and not against

Did you get any answer from Sam about this problem?

> Nelson, in the meantime Sasa Ranisavljevic downgraded his system to Etch, so
> it is not convenient for him to report the bug anymore. Can you report
> the bug ? I think that it depends on the X setup since I can not
> reproduce it on my machine running Lenny.

If I can report his problem? [take easy with me if I didn't understand
right, as I am almost sleeping here :-)]

The problem with Sasa's case is that if it's a problem with Xorg or
the graphics driver or some other library, probably he will get a
"Could you test it with the newer version of foo to see if the problem

Sasa, could you run clustalx with gdb? (so we can try to see where
(and why) it's giving this segmentation fault)

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