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Re: Packaging EMBOSS and data for EMBOSS

On Mon, 30 Apr 2007, Charles Plessy wrote:

For the particular case of mirbase, there is a release every quarter
aproximately. I think that it makes it suitable for being directly
packaged, and in therory, the data should go to /usr/share as it is
shareable and static.

That's fine.

But on the other hand, if the idea of having a common folder of sequence
databases is accepted, it would be a bit stupid to keep small databases
in /usr/share for the sake of it, separtating them from big genomes
which would go in /var/somewhere. But the problem is that there is no
/var/share, although it could be cool to have a nfs- or samba-mountable
folder in local networks, from which people using modern OSes could
access the data when they do not need a dedicated server to run the

I really like the idea of /var/share/biodata (or whatever the name is
to have one common place.  I think /var is reasonable even if there
are much static data, because some might be danymic and the idea of
having a shared network mount seems very reasonable.  We should discuss
this on debian-devel and ask for a policy change.

Alternatively, and similarly to java-package, we could have
some wrappers which would produce .deb pacakges from freshly downloaded
genomes. In that case /usr/share/genomics-or-whatever would be a good
target again.

Lastly, if we make enough progressees, maybe we can try to re-contact
Bill Pearson and ask him if he reconsiders his decision about not
distributing FASTA in Debian...


... which is really an annoying arguing.  Perhaps somebody is able
to askk again about a change of his opinion.  I would not regard it
really clever if I personally would ask again.  I could just support the
new request afterwards.

Kind regards



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