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Re: BALLView: new package version

> > please make him aware that the
> > maintainer of your ballview package should kind of in routine update to
> > Debian unstable.
> I dont understand what you are trying to tell me.

Packages go from unstable to testing and eventually all together from testing 
to stable. The very early evaluation of the suitability of a package for 
testing happens already in unstable. You have 10 days to send a release 
critical bug for your package in unstable to stop the automated transition 
from unstable to testing. Some summary I found here

Hence, it does not matter much if you have some new feature in the queue of 
developments. You just upload, upload, upload, upload whenever you think 
people are interested in some new functionality or bug fix. There are rumours 
that Debian would be fairly behind upstream's developments. This is 
definitely not the case for what is sadly called "unstable". How about 
renaming it to "fresh", btw?

Many greetings


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