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Re: What is new in Debian-Med Etch ?

On Sunday 15 April 2007 21:42:12 Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Apr 2007, Michael Hanke wrote:
> > Unfortunately, I have little to add to the list of features of this
> > release (at least regarding debian-med), but the next release is
> > codenamed 'Neuro-Lenny' ;)
> One more thing I would like to see in Lenny is more Java support.
> I recently has a look into Artemis [1] which is written in Java.
> The upstream tarball does contain a certain amount of precompiled
> libraries as jar files which sucks from a packaging point of
> view.  It would be great if we had this stuff packaged in Debian
> and the BioJava project [2] sounds like a reasonable target for
> Debian-Med.  Unfortunately I'm lacking basic Java knowledge.
> Kind regards
>            Andreas.
> [1] http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Software/Artemis/
> [2] http://biojava.org/wiki/Main_Page
Hi Andreas,

are you aware of the http://pkg-java.alioth.debian.org/ project? There is 
quite something Java-wise out there already and the group is active.

I tackled BioJava as a part of the http://wiki.debian.org/pkg-escience project 
but ... it is a pain just as your describing it. The interfaces of the 
libraries change slighly between version, different projects use different 
version that are not compatible, it sucks beyond the packaging view of it. I 
once decided that I rather live with the delivered jars for a while and learn 
from there which versions are dominating. Once the preferences are set, one 
should come back later at getting the packaging right. Sometimes I feel that 
we should have another section like "ugly". Just kidding, of course.



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