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Re: What is new in Debian-Med Etch ?

On Sun, 15 Apr 2007, Michael Hanke wrote:

Unfortunately, I have little to add to the list of features of this
release (at least regarding debian-med), but the next release is
codenamed 'Neuro-Lenny' ;)

One more thing I would like to see in Lenny is more Java support.
I recently has a look into Artemis [1] which is written in Java.
The upstream tarball does contain a certain amount of precompiled
libraries as jar files which sucks from a packaging point of
view.  It would be great if we had this stuff packaged in Debian
and the BioJava project [2] sounds like a reasonable target for
Debian-Med.  Unfortunately I'm lacking basic Java knowledge.

Kind regards


[1] http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Software/Artemis/
[2] http://biojava.org/wiki/Main_Page


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