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>I am also trying to add many packages related to
>molecular biology,
>bioinformatics, genomics and systems biology in
>Debian. I am summarising
>the programs which could or could not enter in debian
>in lists stored
>on the debian wiki, such as

   The list is very extensive. I think most of the
packages I included are already in your list, except
for maybe a couple of them.

>Did you package some programs from scratch ? Do you
>see overlaps with
>the software you packaged ?

   Well, I did not make new .debs, but instead I
installed some packages from tarball (Staden,

   Could it be interesting to release this
remasterization? I think Debian Genomics could help
boost other more established Live Bio-distros. I would
like to make it openly available but I can't upload
the isos to any server -yet-.


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