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Re: nule.org HL7 Utilities

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, M Litherland wrote:

I noticed that my HL7 Browser software utility was being linked to from the debian-med project web page. I also maintain a number of other healthcare related applications a libraries (including HL7 Comm, HL7 Diff and a Java HL7 parsing library) which may be of interest to the project. Please refer to this URL for the current breakdown of what's available: http://nule.org/software/hl7utils/index.html
Thanks for the hint.  I guess it will be included as soon as Tobias,
who cares for Debian-Med web site, will be able to do it.

I'm actually a Debian user, so I'd be interested in helping out if I can provide .deb files for inclusion in your project, or of I can do something to make their inclusion easier. Anyway, feel free to contact me at this e-mail address if I can help out.
Great.  We would love to include any piece of Free Software which is helpful
in medicine and HL7 obviosely is. :)
I'm not sure whether a HL7 expert is on the list and this might just be
the reason why nobody got his hands on it before - we just need an
expert.  If you are the author of the software you are obviousely the
best expert we could find.  So if you would like to build Debian packages
yourself - or just start the first bits of it - I would be more than willing
to support your work with hints, patches and everything we would need
to make high quality packages.  Once we reached this state I would
sponosr these packages to the Debian mirror which leads to official Debian
packages of your stuff - and probabyl happy users of your code. :)

We would be happy about a cooperation



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