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[Ann] Debian-Med day


sorry for cross-posting but I see relevance for three mailing lists to
announce this.

I just want to announce that I will organize a Debian-Med day at DebConf 5
in Helsinki.  A scetch of the main scope of this done at


Normally this type of announcements will contain a certain date.  But this
is not yet fixed and will be done as soon as the organiser settle down to
a certain date for my CDD-talk and my Debian-Med BOF.

I hope that interested people who are visiting DebConf will join this
meeting. People from other CDDs are perfectly welcome.

Feel free to send comments and enhancements to me.

Mostly only for Debian-Med mailing list:
  - Unfortunately I will not be at LinuxTag Karlsruhe so all plans I posted
    here about a Debian-Med booth are canceled.
  - Tobias, could you please put this announcement onto the Debian-Med
    web pages in the news section.  Thanks.

Kind regards and see you in HEL



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