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Re: Debian package for MEME motif search available

>> Description: [Biology] search for common motifs in DNA or protein
>> sequences
>> MEME (Multiple EM for Motif Elicitation) discovers motifs in sequences.
>> .
>> A motif is a sequence pattern that occurs repeatedly in a group
>> of related protein or DNA sequences. Motifs are represented as
>> position-dependent scoring matrices that describe the score of each
>> possible letter at each position in the pattern. Individual motifs may
>> not contain gaps but combinations of patterns may be elucidated.
>> .
>> The output of MEME may be forwarded to the program MAST of this package
>> for the search in sequence databases.
>> .
>>  Homepage: http://meme.sdsc.edu
> Anybody wants to step in to continue the work of Steffen?

Andreas has not volunteered to act as a sponsor for MEME, though I have
not ever heard him say "no" if a package fits into Debian-Med. Andreas
is a fantastic sponsor, very knowledgeable and patient. This package and
the sponsor would be a perfect fit for an interested newbie.

Being swamped myself for the next two months, I might jump at it later
this year if nobody else snaps it up.

Best regards and many thanks to Andreas


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