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Re: gdpc Debian package

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:

The same thing that I said for gff2ps :-)

Could someone test the package, use the program, etc?
Two remarks:

  1. The description says:

        gdpc is a program, written in C and utilizing GTK, for visualising output
        data from molecular dynamics simulations.  ...

     Well, a description of a package should wake the interest of the user.
     It is really an important information for your *users* in which language
     the program is written in and which toolkit was used.  Wouldn't it sound
     more interesting to say something like:

        gdpc offeres a nice graphical frontend for visualising output
        data from molecular dynamics simulations.  ...

     or something like that?  Im no native English speaker and thus the
     input of those persons are allways welcome in these cases which they
     normally do as response to an ITP.  But I guess you got the idea ...

  2. It is nice to put examples in an extra package (especially if they
     are that large).  On the other hand the user deserves a helping hand
     what to do with these examples.  A README.Debian would be one way
     to do so.

Anyway, this are nitpicks and thus I also uploaded this package.  I would
love if you would fix the things I wrote above in a future version.

Kind regards



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