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Another US open source EMR nearly ready. (fwd)


for those interested in EMR systems you might have a look at


(homepage of the project mentioned in the forewarede mail).

We should mention it on our todo list to keep interested people
informed even if I did not found an explicite mentioning of the
license at the web pages, but at the quoted page below you can find
a download URL to inspect the code.  (Also this source code does not
contain a license statement - at least not at first view.)

Kind regards



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Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 07:16:38 +1000
From: Tim Churches <tchur@optushome.com.au>
To: GPCG_TALK <GPCG_TALK@LISTS.GPCG.ORG>, GNUmed list <Gnumed-devel@gnu.org>
Subject: Another US open source EMR nearly ready.

See http://www.linuxmednews.com/1116507509/index_html for press release
and links.

It ss Web-based, runs on Linux servers, can use any client (Windows,
Linux, Mac) with a modern Web browser, integrates scheduling, billing
and other government claims. Of note is the fact that the medical record
component can be extended by the clinician by the creation of additional
forms, without the need for programming.

The billing and claims stuff would probably need too much modification
to make them useful here in Australia, but the basic demographics,
scheduling and medical record components should work here with a bit of
tweaking. Support for prescribing is unknown and likely to be the
biggest hurdle to any Oz deployment. But hey, the source code is all
there, available for download by enterprising persons.

I think that now brings to three of four the number of US-originated
open source, Web-based family physician systems which are ready for
prime time or just about so, and which could form the basis of an open
source GP system for Oz.

Of course the GNUmed project keeps plugging on, making lots of progress,
although to an observer like me it feels like the distance to the point
at which GNUmed is functional is being halved every three months...

Tim C

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