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Re: Debian-Med in Murmansk.

On Thu, 21 Apr 2005, Vegard Munthe wrote:

On Thu, 21 Apr 2005, HJ Schmidt wrote:
Why do you not like PHP for this application?
There are several reasons why people do not really like a Web interface for
this type of applications.  You can be assured that I definitely know the
advantages of web applications but one disadvantage for the users is that
medical personal is sometimes trained to use their computer without the mouse
because it is just faster (once you learned the usage).  You will not gain
this spead with a browser and cutting of the mouse cable would end in a
mostly unusable system.
(PS: I will not join a flamewar about browser interface or not.)

Mostly because I have bad experiences with large applications based on
PHP. They easily become messy and ill-structured.
To be honest I had only a quick view on Care2x and my first impression was
that it in fact is ill-structured.  I know people who had a deeper look and
they agree with me.  On the other hand it works somehow and if you need
something you could start with it.  But this is no question of the programming
language which was used.  It is just a difference between get something working
fast or start designing a large scale project.

Other than that I don't
like the PHP language. F.eks. PHP does not allow you to examine memory
sizes of objects etc, and I suspect Objects in PHP are bloated.

I do like Python, and think Python is better suited for applications like
Care2x, but there are more 'programmers' who know PHP than there are
programmers who know Python, so I guess many projects start in PHP due to
this. -_-
While I personally share your opinion of the programming language in use you
just have to decide whether you need something working *now* for your hospital
in Murmansk or you want to discuss theoretical programming language issues.
It certainly depends what you need in your hospital.  The Debian-Med web pages
do list other alternatives.

Remark for the Care2x integration into Debian.  In February last year I
sended a todo-list to the authors what has to be done for proper packaging.
( http://people.debian.org/~tille/packages/care2x/debian/README.at   and
  http://people.debian.org/~tille/packages/care2x/debian/README.debian )
I did not checked out the latest version of Care2x but because I got no
answer I guess from a Debian-integration point of view not much has happened.
So the stuff you can find at


seems to be way outdated but if somebody likes to continue from this point
it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards



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