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Help packaging M[UMPS] and OpenVistA?

I have just started writing documents for the OpenVistA project 
at SourceForge, http://sourceforge.net/projects/openvista/. It 
consists of GT.M, a Free (GPL) version of M (aka MUMPS 
[Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multiprogramming 
System]), and a massive hospital information system built on it, 
also under GPL. OpenVistA was created from the US Veterans 
Administration hospital software under the Freedom of 
Information Act.

I would like someone to take a look and tell me what we need to 
do to get this packaged up, as a separate language and as a 
complete system. I also need help to find out how to create a 
syntax coloring mode for MUMPS in various text editors.

MUMPS was originally an interpreted language that can now be 
compiled. Its basic datatypes are the string and the associative 
array, and it has a very simple syntax (no precedence; strict 
left-to-right execution for binary functions, and strict 
right-to-left for unary functions). It is of general interest 
because it has a distributed database system built in, capable 
of extremely efficient operation on the largest scale.
Edward Cherlin, Simputer Evangelist
Encore Technologies (S) Pte. Ltd.
The Village Information Society

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