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Re: Fwd: Re: list of functions + GUI design


I agree with the GnuMed's idea of showing all important data on a single page 
all at once.

The difficult part is to know which data are most important.  Since I am not a 
GP I am inclined to look at GnuMed and other similar apps (unless I get a 
chance to observe a GP at work for a substantial length of time).

One solution is to make it user-configurable. Data are grouped and the user 
selects which groups are to be shown as his personal default. Ideally, the 
user can decide where on the page and how the groups are displayed. 
Template system?

BTW. correct me pls. if I am wrong, I think the diagnosis and 
therapy/procedure documentation of GnuMed are purely  text based. Right? Is 
there an option to use coded system (e.g. ICD/ICPM)?


On Wednesday 18 February 2004 05:02, Andreas Tille wrote:
> take over GnuMed user interface for Care2x but to have a close
> look at the database and *learn* or adapt from it.
> Kind regards
>             Andreas.

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