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Re: OIO debian, Re: dang zpsycopgDA problem

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Tille, Andreas wrote:
> The hint to remove was intended to the user who wanted to install
> OIO on his own machine not to the upstream packager of course.  We
> do not bother upstream about their kind of shipping their products.
> But if somebody says he want's to use a package on his Debian machine
> I suggest to remove duplicated stuff just to avoid problems.

  It seems that the typical approach is to make a Debian package separate
from other packages (e.g. Redhat). In this case, the OIO Debian package
will not contain psycopg, Zope, PostgreSQL, etc.
  Are there examples of packages that work for both Debian and

Best regards,

Andrew P. Ho, M.D.
OIO: Open Infrastructure for Outcomes

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