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Re : Re : Ovnibus news and debian potato ppc

Hi Karsten,
Thank you for your message.

>De : Karsten Hilbert <Karsten.Hilbert@gmx.net>
>À : Renato Barrios <renato.barrios@wanadoo.fr>
>Objet : Re: Re : Ovnibus news and debian potato ppc
>Date : Lun 18 mars 2002 10:27

> I looked at your page again. I think your statement is
> alright. I sympathize with your project.
Thank you again.
> Do you see any way of cooperating with debian-med ? You two
> seem to try to achieve the same goal...
Of course I would want to cooperate with debian-med but as I saw in the
website it is a paperless project and maybe it is not really I would want to
do.  I have tested different technologies in medical informatics but at
present all seems to go towards xml in this field. If you think debian-med
could have a place for this technologies, specially with developped and
ready to use software as Doc-Book, I would be very interested to collaborate
with you.
> Regards,
> Karsten Hilbert

Renato Barrios
OVNIBUS, a medical debian applications project
with xml


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