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Re: Announce: New Project Debian-Med

On 30 Jan 2002, Michael A. Miller wrote:
[Please do not reply to debian-devel-announce.  I just moved discussion
 to debian-med.]

> I just subscribed to debian-med and am interested in being
> involved.  That said, I've been a debian developer for a couple
> years and have been inactive for most of that time.  I don't know
> how much time I can commit to this project.
Any help is welcome.  Perhaps you could sponsor packages of
non developers (or not yet developers) or just bring some ideas in.

> changed jobs and am now doing science, software and hardware
> support for a research PET imaging program.  I hope that this new
> position will allow for some more time so I can be a more active
> developer.  I'm interested in medical image visualization,
> multi-modality registration, and quantification.
Interesting thing.  I just wonder if I could reawake my image viewer
Paul (see http://packages.debian.org/paul or
It is designed to work with *sequences* of images.

> To start off, there are two packages that I'm interested in:
> amide, which is already listed on the debian med page, and
> xmedcon, a medical image format converting tool
> (http://xmedcon.sourceforge.net).
Just go for it.  Ich you want to have this project listed
ad the Debian-Med pages just send me a little description
in the style of the other projects (preferably with the bug
number of your ITP/RFP - bug).

Kind regards


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