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Re: upcoming changes of the web pages /security and /lts/security

Hi Thomas,

On Mon, Dec 25, 2023 at 09:14:51PM +0100, Thomas Lange wrote:
> Hi all,
> as announced on Dec 7th, I have now removed the old index.wml files
> and renamed new.wml to index.wml in the webwml repository under
> security/ and lts/security/.
> =============================================
> =============================================
> Now the security team and the LTS team do not need to manually prepare
> a .wml and .data file for each advisory.
> Please stop creating those files for new advisories.
> =============================================
> For the translators:
> Please stop translating old advisories.
> We still have to adjust the translation headers because of the
> renaming from new.wml to index.wml.
> A hint for the languages which did not had a translation for new.wml
> until now. Here are some more infos, how I created the new.wml files:
>   english/security/new.wml is a copy of english/security/index.wml with some changes.
>   You will see the change history (including a rename from dsa.wml to new.wml) by
>     $ git log -p --follow 3160b3931961~1.. index.wml
>   For lts/security/new.wml use
>     $ git log -p --follow a1010f1cb6fd~1.. index.wml
> I still need to do some cleanup and check if everything works.
> The new index.wml files are not yet created yet but this will be done
> in the next hours.

Thanks for all your work on this front.


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