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Re: upcoming changes of the web pages /security and /lts/security

Hi all,

as announced on Dec 7th, I have now removed the old index.wml files
and renamed new.wml to index.wml in the webwml repository under
security/ and lts/security/.

Now the security team and the LTS team do not need to manually prepare
a .wml and .data file for each advisory.
Please stop creating those files for new advisories.

For the translators:
Please stop translating old advisories.
We still have to adjust the translation headers because of the
renaming from new.wml to index.wml.

A hint for the languages which did not had a translation for new.wml
until now. Here are some more infos, how I created the new.wml files:

  english/security/new.wml is a copy of english/security/index.wml with some changes.
  You will see the change history (including a rename from dsa.wml to new.wml) by
    $ git log -p --follow 3160b3931961~1.. index.wml

  For lts/security/new.wml use
    $ git log -p --follow a1010f1cb6fd~1.. index.wml

I still need to do some cleanup and check if everything works.
The new index.wml files are not yet created yet but this will be done
in the next hours.

best regards Thomas

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