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Pkg sponsorship needed with LTS upload: curl/7.64.0-4+deb10u8

Hello Boyuan,

> The fix to this bug is present in Debian Unstable/Testing/Stable/Oldstable
> already.
> Looking at https://lts-team.pages.debian.net/wiki/Development.html , it seems
> that only CVE-related bugs or major bugs are actively handled. Now I am
> wondering (1) if the current non-CVE bugfix would qualify for a separate
> package upload in Debian Buster via LTS Team, and (2) if anyone would review
> the changes attached and have it uploaded into the archive.

I'm not affiliated with Freexian, but I've been maintaining curl (with the help
of a few friends).

We've recently created a team for the maintenance of the package and put the
packaging git repo under the debian namespace on salsa.

Feel free to directly push your changes to the debian/buster branch, just leave
the changelog as "UNRELEASED" please, as more changes will be bundled (there's
already a couple of commits there).

I have asked the lts team to push their changes to that repo as well, and last
time I checked it was in sync.

I'm currently going over fixing a CVE for buster, and I think Markus is looking
at a couple too (I'm still yet to reply to his last email to me), so there
shall soon be a new upload on buster.

Thank you for helping,

Samuel Henrique <samueloph>

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