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Re: Pkg sponsorship needed with LTS upload: curl/7.64.0-4+deb10u8


On 10.12.23 17:11, Boyuan Yang wrote:
Looking at https://lts-team.pages.debian.net/wiki/Development.html , it seems
that only CVE-related bugs or major bugs are actively handled. Now I am
wondering (1) if the current non-CVE bugfix would qualify for a separate
package upload in Debian Buster via LTS Team, and (2) if anyone would review
the changes attached and have it uploaded into the archive.

this bug surely does not warrant an extra LTS upload. But I added a note to curl in dla-needed.txt and #926148 might be fixed in combination with the next DLA.

If this bugfix is fixed and uploaded within 7 days, I am willing to pay a one-
time USD 100 to the personal account, or (at your preference) a 1-year USD 300
(or equivalent)-level subscription to the affiliated LTS/ELTS-related company
for the person's bugfix work.

It makes me wonder why this bugfix is of such a value ...


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